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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to Spruce up a Bathroom to Give it a Posh Look

After a long workday, what can be better than relaxing in a hot bath or standing under a shower, letting the jets of water pummel away your stress? Yet, the bathroom is often the last room that people consider when redecorating a house. A plain bathroom can easily be spruced up to give it the posh look seen in home magazines.

If one wants to change just one thing in a bathroom, the lighting should be the first choice. The way a bathroom is lit can affect the entire mood and look. Decorative wall lamps can give it an elegant look. Overhead lights are available in stylish shapes and fittings and offer a plethora of choice. However, harsh overhead lights can make the bathroom look crude, so care should be taken when choosing them. Mirrors should be lit evenly from both sides so that one can see one's reflection without any shadows. For the ultimate opulence,
light chandeliers can be opted for. Floor fittings are a comparatively new concept but can make a bathroom look stunning. Muted floor lights fitted around a tub imparts a romantic, iridescent glow, and are a modern twist on candles.

Tubs and showers are other ways to change the look of a bathroom. For an antique feel, rounded bathtubs on raised, beautifully carved legs can be used. Sunken tubs look more modern and are great if one wants a minimalistic decor. Bathtubs inlaid with pebbles or bricks on the outside are very popular for nature themed decorations. Showers can be easily worked into a theme. 'Rainfall', 'Jet' and 'Waterfall' showers are among the options available in the market and can be used for this purpose.

Particular colour schemes and highlights can complement the look of a bathroom. A bright, solid colour on the walls paired with black and white striped shower curtains look funky and modern. Muted cream walls with golden highlights can make one's bathroom look like something seen only in movies. Grey walls with glass and chrome fittings will look sleek and chic, while a pale turquoise and white combination looks delicate and pretty. As long as the fittings are coordinated with the wall colour, one can experiment with unlimited options.

The bathroom accessories give the final touch that makes your bathroom look as posh as can be imagined. Wrought iron towel racks, bronze basins, full-length gilded mirrors and glass and chrome cabinets are accessories that can be used to complement any theme. Adding some scented candles and fluffy soft towels are sure to spell luxury and relaxation. With so many options, the bathroom can easily become the poshest room in the house.

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  1. Very well written article and very true, the bathroom has increased dramatically over recent years as one of the main areas in the home for refurbishment.