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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fixing Sash Windows to Keep the House Warm in The Winter

Your home can become unbearable and inefficient during winter due to extremely low temperatures that can sometimes go below freezing point. It can be difficult trying to keep a room warm during the cold season if you have worn-out Victorian sash windows. A room can lose heat through draught leaving you cold when the glass panes of the windows become lose. Draught can make the windows noisy and make it impossible to have restful sleep as well. The windows can be damaged by elements such as the weather, general usage and central heating. Fixing sash windows that have suffered wear and tear can help in keeping the house warm, improving the condition of your windows, reducing household heating bills and minimal usage of heating fuel.

Draught-proofing strips such as rubber and plastic among others can be purchased in many home improvement stores to be used to seal between the window sash and frame. Plastic or metal weather-stripping can also be used to seal cracks in glass and lose panes. Draft strip can provide maximum protection from air and water penetration as well while providing good ventilation. Draft proofing prevents a typical window from letting warm air to leak from your home. If drafts are present through the molding you can gently remove the trim and inject foam insulation, which expands and makes a tight seal.

Replace sash windows in case of timber decay and rot. You can also carry out repairs such as replacing missing putty, cords and broken glass. Replacement and restoration of existing sash windows improves energy efficiency and operation. In addition, such window treatment can rattles and reduce loss of heat from your home. This DIY solution is necessary if economic repair of the deteriorated window is not a viable option.

Your sash windows should function properly in the winter. Paint can hinder the performance of the windows especially when opening and closing. During winter, you need to keep your windows closed all the time to keep your home warm. Scrape any loose, flaking or built up paint to ensure your windows close well. Other than scraping, you can service the windows by tightening any lose joints, re-alignment and balancing sashes by removing sash weights and by fitting new parting and closing beads.

To ensure you stay warm in the winter season you can secondary glaze your sash windows.
Victorian sash windows that are secondary glazed reduce heat loss while preserving the integrity and character of the original architecture. Installing secondary glazing involves forming a double window to increase efficiency in reducing heat loss. Double glazing increases insulation creating an effective barrier that reduces condensation. It is a long term investment option and the cost of installation may be a big determinant.


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