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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How Ceiling Fans Can Improve Your Home

When the summer comes the heat comes too. Ceiling fans are a unique and interesting addition to any home. They do not only look good, but, they also have a functional use too.

Why are Ceiling Fans For Me?

Their rotating blades can circulate cool air around your home and, equally, in the cold winters they can spin in the opposite direction to help distribute warm air, to heat the room. They also come fitted with lights which can be switched off with a pull of a string, the lights come in many designs for you to consider.
For example, globe, which is a thrifty and easy to replace design, there is also Bowl lights which house the bulb in a simple hanging bowl-like receptacle or you can choose to have lights which are more floral and decorative designs
Also, as an addition, you can purchase a handy remote which can operate your ceiling fan with a simple push of a button. It also comes with its own holster which fits onto the wall, so that you don’t lose it or gets in the way.

Which One Should I Choose?                   

If you’re looking to purchase on a budget, a cheap option is the 42 inch Richmond five blade ceiling fan. This can be supplied in an oak design to match the use of wooden flooring or wooden upholstered fixtures in your room, this can lend to a rustic or natural look. Alternatively, the blades come coloured white, this is a good choice if your room has a contemporary theme, as it will fit right in, it will also look great in a room designed with monochrome colour. It also comes with sixty wattage lights designed in a beautiful floral design.

A more expensive choice is the 42 inch San Francisco ceiling fan. It is a fan with a sleek and modern look, its dark oak blades contrast well with satin nickel body frame. Its lights are unlike most others and are a unique and impressive design. If you are willing to pay extra this ceiling fan is a wonderful choice for you.

For a multitude of ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights, Total Warehouse has a wide range of all designs and prices for you to research. These fans aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but, their ability to cool or help heat a home are a must have.  


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