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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How to Choose the Correct Engineered Flooring for you

At All Your Floors we stock a wide range of high quality and cost effective engineered flooring solutions.  Renowned for our high quality products and accessible range, we are confident that we can help you choose the perfect engineered flooring for your home.

When shopping for new flooring to be placed within a home there are many options available to you. Carpet, Vinyl, Hard Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring are all available to home owners with each of them having their own upsides. The truth of the matter is however that when it comes to selling a home or making it look more modern wooden flooring is the number one choice across the UK and when one takes the time to admire a perfectly laid wooden floor it makes little wonder why.
Today we are going to help you on your way to choosing the perfect engineered flooring for your home with some key areas that you will need to look out for. All in all, All Your Floors hope that we can help you discover the perfect flooring for you. Enjoy!

Choose your budget                                                

When it comes to purchasing something new one should always consider what their maximum spend can be and what their ideal minimum spend would be. In the case of engineered flooring, you can essentially manage your budget easily with thanks to all flooring coming in square metres. This makes not only budgeting easy but also fitting easy, as all you will need to do is get an accurate measurement of the dimensions of the room you plan on having new flooring implemented.
Pricing for engineered flooring can range from as little as £15.50 per square metre to as high as £30 per square metre.
If you have a maximum budget per square metre of flooring in mind you can then quite happily move on to the next stage to choosing the correct engineered flooring for you.

Decide on a colour and effect preference

Now that you have your flooring budget sussed out it is time to shop around and look for the perfect engineered flooring colour and effect for your home. If you are renovating your whole home or the majority of the rooms in your house, it would probably be best to stick to one finish and colour to create fluidity to your house. If you are renovating one to two rooms however, light or dark effects both look great however for living spaces lighter shades always create a more airy feel.
At All Your Floors we stock a wide range of effects from engineered Walnut to engineered White oak.

Contact an expert

As with all home-changing products it is always best to seek expert advice before your purchase. Seeking expert advice will ensure that the products you are buying have been tried and tested within homes and also that your choice of flooring can be used within the rooms of your house.
At All Your Floors we can help make your engineered flooring dreams come true. If you would like to find out how we can help you and your home, simply contact us.

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