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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Why You Should Consider Conservatory Blinds

Adding a conservatory to your home enables you to create your ideal living environment and improve the look of your home. However, during summer there is always a risk of your conservatory becoming overheated if the structure is not well ventilated. One way of solving this problem is to install conservatory blinds.
Conservatory blinds provide the following advantages:
·         Keep your conservatory cool. Conservatory blinds will help to prevent your conservatory from becoming too hot during the summer. Summer is a time when people are most likely to make the most of their conservatory, so it is important to make sure that it is suitable for use. Those with a south-facing conservatory may wish to consider installing blinds, as structures built in this position have more access to sunlight, so there is an increased risk of them becoming overheated. Conservatory blinds will help to provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your conservatory during summer.

·         Sunlight control. Conservatory blinds can be easily adjusted, allowing you to fill your conservatory with as little or as much sunlight as you wish. Blinds will create a more comfortable working environment for conservatories being used as a home office and will also prevent equipment such as computers or laptops from becoming damaged by sunlight.

·         Privacy. Adding blinds to your conservatory will enable you to make your conservatory office or living area private and you can easily adjust them whenever you desire.

·         Insulation. In addition to keeping your conservatory cool, blinds also absorb heat, which will keep your conservatory warm in winter. This creates a more comfortable living area during the cooler months and will reduce the need for extra heating. Conservatory blinds are essential for north-facing conservatories, which do not have as much access to sunlight.

·         Easy to install, remove and clean. One of the main advantages of blinds is that they are easy to operate. Many designs are easy to remove and clean, with some only needing a damp cloth and water to remove dirt. Some types of fabric blinds are also machine washable.

·         Stylish. Another advantage of conservatory blinds is that there are many styles and colours available. You can choose from a selection of designs, including pleated blinds, wooden blinds, Roman blinds and roller blinds. The many styles available will enable you to easily find something that suits your conservatory decor.

·         Keeps furniture in good condition. In addition to protecting equipment such as computers and laptops in conservatory offices, blinds will also keep furniture in good condition. Furniture can become stained and lose its colour if exposed to too much sun and installing blinds in your conservatory will help to prevent this problem. There are now blinds that have a special type of fabric which reflects solar energy and prevents furniture from losing its colour.

·         Security. As well as enhancing your privacy, installing blinds in your conservatory will also enable you to keep expensive equipment such as computers, laptops or TVs hidden from view when you are away from home for a long period of time.
Author: Philip Woods


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  3. Firstly, very well written. I guess you've covered pretty much every advantage that conservatories and blinds can have. Yes, conservatories do get really heated up during summers and blinds help them cool. Thanks for sharing!