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Monday, 28 October 2013

Your New Bathroom Suite – Essential Items

I’ll level with you straight away, as I’m sure I won’t be alone: I’m not that organised. Being sorted out and scheduled is not something that comes all that naturally to me, and unless I go out of my way to fit some structure to my life I would spend most of my days aimlessly walking around the wrong workplace, more than likely in the wrong clothes.
This is why I tend to make lists for everything. It’s a habit picked up from my sister in law, who is like one of those ruthless military planners who run everything to unrelenting clockwork. 

With this inspiration, I want to help alleviate any stress you might be having putting your new bathroom together. To this end I have chucked together a quick list for you below to refer to as you wander, shell-shocked, around your local store or website. 

Fixtures & Fittings

Let’s start at the finish, with the finishing touches that are fixtures and fittings. Taps, for instance, require careful selection to match both the style you need, while getting the correct connectors, screws and other similar items makes for an installation that is a doddle. 


The main items that will immediately catch the eye are your ceramics. Make time to research ceramics units, as some materials are different to others. Toilets generally are styled as close coupled or back to wall, the latter far more contemporary due to its concealed cistern – this makes for a gloriously minimalist look. If you are given the option, do go for a dual flush toilet, as the conservation of water will help reduce your utility bills. 


The first thing to get out of the way is whether you are going to go with a thermostatic or standard mixer valve shower. The predominant difference is that a thermostatic shower maintains a constant temperature, whereas a standard mixer needs your input to manually keep the temperature you want. Your budget and system will dictate which you opt for here, so look into the pros and cons of both types before committing yourself. 

Furniture & Storage

The bathroom has the same needs as any other room, and  this includes storage.  Solutions include vanity units, mirror cupboards or freestanding or wall-mounted units. MDF boards and/or stainless steel are the key materials to look out for here as both are durable and strong. A number of different finishes are available too, so there is no need to worry as there will be something to match your room’s theme.  


Electric radiators are items of serious utility to install in your bathroom. This is because –whether electric or dual fuel through the addition of an element – you can switch on these radiators in isolation. Even if you want to stick with tried and tested central heating power, all shapes and sizes are catered for, from curved models to designer vertical units.

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  1. I like to recommend wall hung toilets. Not only do they look incredible but they have the additional benefit of being super hygienic.