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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumnal Inspiration: The Regency

Ready to begin transforming your home for autumn but stuck over where to begin? Thankfully, we have some great style inspiration for you to take advantage of and our current focus is on the regency – a fantastic collection of bedroom accessories and furniture that are sure to help you put your own unique stamp on your home.

What’s the style?

The style of the Regency is one of indulgence and luxury – and isn’t that what we all deserve in our bedrooms? Take a look at the luxurious silk materials and dusky, muted colours which exude class and sophistication at every turn to get everything you need to transform your bedroom.

These thick and comfortable materials are perfect for autumn when the weather begins changing and colder climates start to make their presence known.

What colours?

The colour of the regency range has two functions – to be cosy and warming in the colder weather and to represent an idea of opulence. This is why dusky purple, dark grey and other muted or pastel tones work best. They’re great for conjuring up a clean and luxurious look whilst offering more warmth than white, cream or magnolia.

These colours also work well with accents so why not choose accessories in darker or deeper shades for a multi-tonal look? Dusky purple paired with vibrant violet is always a strong style choice but there are other things you can do too.

If sticking with a base colour of grey or muted brown then why not introduce traditional autumn colours as your accent? This fantastic article from DigsDigs offers 31 decorating ideas that centre around using autumnal colours in the bedroom and is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to use the regency range in a new and interesting way.

What furniture?

Of course, the regency style isn’t all about the colours and there are certain items of furniture which are must-haves for this sort of design. Ultimately, you want to opt for traditional, classic designs which are associated with royal or regal palaces and homes.

This means items such as a chaise lounge are essential – as are large beds with plenty of dressings including luxurious throws and scatter cushions made from materials such as silk or velvet. Curtains are also an essential ingredient although fabric roller blinds may be suitable if used correctly.

Another must have is a luxurious headboard. These can really make a room but you want to choose something traditional with classic charm rather than a modern, metal configuration. There are plenty of suede and leather options available, as well as the traditional Damask, but we recommend opting for something quilted or subtly patterned for real impact.

Finally, remember that the rest of your furniture needs to match the style. This doesn’t mean touring antique stores for large, chunky pieces of furniture but rather means keeping the rest of your decor simple.

Plain wood storage squares and tables are ideal so opt for something with smooth, straight lines with no decoration and ensure its left in its plain wood state or lightly varnished for ultimate impact.

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