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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why use Pine Wood in your Home?

If you are looking start a new home improvement project –materials will be something you consider.

Glass, concrete, brick or wood are key materials that spring to mind.

Wood is often favoured because of its beauty and flexibility. But when it comes to the decision of which wood to use - do you really have any idea which wood is right for your home?

You’re generally spoilt for choice when deciding which wood you want your bookshelves, furniture or cabinetry to be - do you use maple, oak, cedar?

The Timelessness of Pine

Pine wood is very popular for homeowners these days because more of us are aware of how our choice of material affects the environment.

Pine wood is being sourced from forests which are grown sustainably.

Not only this, but it is one of the most affordable and versatile options for wood. For those working with wood, pine is favoured as it is easy to work with during the building process; it holds any fasteners tightly, it is easy to cut, is fairly inexpensive and finishes very well! Pine is one of the most affordable and versatile options for wood. And it’s timeless.

But have you ever thought about using pine wood as the theme for the overall design in your home? Let’s break down some of the benefits:


When it comes to your home décor, pine wood can be mixed with other furniture pieces in a room or you could even make it the theme! For instance if you prefer a warm rustic look – then aged pine might be the way to go for you.

Pine is also very beautiful to look at – with its natural patterns and knots; it contributes to a unique look. Therefore you can retain the natural beauty and texture of the wood with minimal staining.


Pine wood is very flexible which is very desirable for do it yourself enthusiasts who enjoy painting or quite possibly incorporating personalised designs within the actual wood.

If you’re looking to decorate your pine furniture, it couldn’t be simpler – paint takes very well to pine wood because of its open grain, therefore you can paint pine easily to match your scheme. And if you change your mind – you can always re-paint it again and again!

Easy to work with

Although pine is classified as a soft wood, it’s still very durable and long lasting and therefore is a favourite of furniture makers because it’s a lot easier to work with –- making sawing a pleasure!

The open grain in the wood gives a better grip for adhesives and so it readily absorbs preservatives, stains and paints.

Because it is very durable and long lasting – it can take on areas with high foot traffic, perfect for flooring or decking in your home.

Whether you want something tasteful and understated, rustic and welcoming or modern and sleek, pine can create the look you want.

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