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Monday, 21 October 2013

Cut Down on Water Waste in the Home

In Britain we use 9 billion litres of water per week! With such a high water consumption, the need to cut down on water waste in the home has never been so paramount. A recent report by the Energy Saving Trust revealed that the main culprits for water waste in the home were those taking long showers and even those running taps while waiting for the water to heat up.

Water waste not only has a major impact on the environment, but it can also place added strain on those already pricey water and heating bills. Here are a few ways that you can cut down on the water waste in your home…

Take Shorter Showers 

The Energy Saving Trust report found that the majority of us take seven and half minutes to shower. They advised that simply cutting 60 seconds off this average shower time could collectively save homes in Britain £216 million a year in water and energy bills – with potential great savings, that extra 60 seconds really does affect those pricey bills!

Install an Adaptive Circulator Pump 

Waiting for water to run hot is one of the biggest causes of water waste in the home, and a typical household of three pours up to 16,000 litres of clean water straight down the drain, simply because the water was not running warm – this wastes approximately 1.5 decilitres of water per second.

To remedy this long waiting time, an on-demand circulator pump such as Grundfos Comfort circulator pumps can adapt to your home’s hot water consumption patterns, this means that you only get hot water when you need it, and hot water is readily available for these instances - Find out more about Hot water pumps here.

Fit an Eco-Shower Head

While it is common fact that taking showers over baths can help reduce the amount of water that a home uses, some showers such as power showers can actually waste more water than an average bath. To ensure that your shower is eco-friendly, an eco-shower head can be installed to mixer shower or power showers and can save up to 75% water without compromising on your overall shower experience.

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