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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Style and Storage: Modern Bathroom Furniture

In recent years the fashion in the bathrooms of most modern homes has tended towards the idea of crisp, clean minimalism. White walls and tiles, little to no bathroom furniture and only one or two minor design flourishes.

However, in recent months, modern designers and bathroom furniture suppliers have been bringing back, rekindling, a love of bold statement furniture, and doing away with the sparse, waiting-room feel that has become the norm.

Bathroom furniture has many varied benefits: Not only can it provide elegant storage solutions for all the bottles and supplies we tend to accumulate, but with only one or two pieces, it can lend the modern bathroom a designer, thought-out, decorated feel.

It’s often advisable to start simple. Consider your own needs. Many bathroom furniture companies are now producing wall mirrors with built-in shelving, which is a great option for ease of access, as well as dividing your toothbrush from your shampoo, your mouthwash from your soap dish.

If you are reassessing your bathroom design and considering adding some furniture, do not be afraid to employ darker woods. Walnut or oak cabinets or lavatory units will provide a rich, warm quality, whilst still remaining subtle and fashionable. A combination of light coloured walls and flooring, coupled with dark wood furniture, since as a basin unit, or bath surround, will result in a winning combination of style and storage.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the budget-conscious choice of wooden furniture has tended to be lighter in colour. Many MDF storage units are now available in dark wood finishes, so it’s much easier to achieve that elegant designer appearance without breaking the bank.
Towel racks have become far more popular in recent years as well. A heated chrome towel rack can instantly give a bathroom a boutique, luxury feel. A stand-alone shelving unit in a bathroom is also a great idea for storing towels. If you frequently have guests at your home, it can be a sophisticated way to clearly show where all the necessary towels or facecloths are stored, and arranging them in size order or colour coding them to match the colour scheme of your bathroom is a simple, effective, storage solution.

So bathroom furniture can be utilised to de-clutter your bathroom, for a more relaxed, modern feel. It can also allow you to make a simple, elegant design statement, and can lend your bathroom a higher value appearance, all through the use of only one or two well-chosen pieces that needn’t cost too much.


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