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Monday, 20 August 2012

TV Beds – The Ultimate Bedroom Cinema Experience

TVs are now common place in bedrooms across the country. Usually fitted to a wall or placed on top of a cabinet or chest of drawers, watching TV in bed can be a great way to spend a lazy Sunday, watch a late night film or catch the early morning news when you wake up.

If you like a minimalist design in your bedroom however, a TV, along with their many wires, can make a room look rather untidy – not to mention that finding a space in your room where the TV is at a good angle to your bed often providing a layout nightmare!

However, with a TV bed you can have your TV built into the bed itself. So with just the touch of a button you can have your TV appearing at the end of the bed ready to watch and, when you’ve had enough, you can make it disappear just as easily. TV beds are a minimalists dream; sleek, stylish and discreet, they provide the ultimate entertainment experience in your bedroom without the unwanted clutter.

TV beds are available in all manner of shapes, sizes and styles, with cheap TV beds easily available to buy online, including great beds on finance options available from specialist providers, such as

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