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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to improve every room in your home

Home improvement is all about adding value to your home, and it really can if you know what you are doing. Revamping your property is a great way to make it more attractive, more comfortable and more appealing to buyers, if you are considering selling.

It is about making the most of where you live and to do this you should look at ways to improve each and every room. If you look hard enough ideas will strike you as to how you can make a bathroom more pleasant, a bedroom cosier or a kitchen fresher. For more inspiration, simply read on…

Living room

A living room can be upgraded with stylish furniture such as leather sofas, or for a more dramatic change you could add a fresh wall treatment. This could be a new coat of paint, kitsch flock wallpaper, wood panelling or crown moulding.


Kitchens have endless potential and what you do should be based on your taste, of course. Replacing a standard worktop is a great way to spruce up your kitchen. Simple stone gives a lovely finish, as does treated reclaimed wood if you are going for a rustic aesthetic.


A stunning bathroom must have a wonderful bath. There is nothing better than an extravagant freestanding bath as a focal point in your room. If you have the skills and the right tools you could plumb it in yourself and save some cash while creating a luxury bathroom.


While the bathroom is all about the bath, the bedroom should be focused around a fabulous bed. Getting out your toolkit will allow you to construct a flatpack bed and there are some very nice ones available. If you have a little more disposable income a solid wood sleigh bed would most likely improve your space considerably.


If you have a subterranean space then add some extra lighting to make it more pleasant and appealing as a place to spend your time. Spotlights are a good idea in basements as they do not compromise what may already be limited headroom.

The list of things you can do to improve your home goes on and on, so embrace your creative side and add real value to your property.

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  1. These suggestions are really good and I would love to implement them.