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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Engineered Flooring in a Kitchen or Bathroom

One thing you don't see so often in the world of wood flooring is a wooden bathroom or kitchen floor, this finish is generally avoided for one simple reason.. moisture.

Despite the natural beauty of solid oak flooring and the durability a solid oak floor can offer it still has an inability to cope when laid into areas of high humidity as the natural wood can act a little like a sponge. This can in turn cause the floor to expand and contract as the moisture levels rise and fall.

Solid oak flooring when sealed correctly with the right finish can cope most admirably but in some cases mainly due to being poorly laid or badly finished, the flooring can let in moisture either through high humidity or when liquid is spilt onto the flooring.

What Makes Engineered Flooring Different?

To combat these problems engineered flooring is designed to keep the inherent natural beauty and durability of it solid oak flooring counterpart, while offering increased stability in bathrooms and kitchens. This is achieved by having a solid oak flake usually 4mm or 6mm thick as a top layer, laminated onto a thick multi laminated plywood backing.

Cross lamination of the ply gives the flooring its structural strength and greatly reduces the effect of humidity and moisture levels normally found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Engineered flooring can be fitted exactly the same as its solid oak flooring counterpart either by laying as a floating floor, nailing or glued down with flexible adhesive. It will give the same finish and feel to the touch, under foot and the difference won't be noticeable when comparing the look.

This post was provided by Heritage Doors and Floors LTD who are experts in engineered flooring and can take your flooring product from concept to completion, they can offer a wide variety of finishes to seal in the look of the floor which will provide a stunning canvas for any room including the once troublesome bathroom and kitchen.

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