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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Five Top Tips for Garden Maintenance

If your garden is an overgrown jungle or a desolate wasteland all is not lost. Whether you are blessed with green fingers or you could kill cress, the following tips should help you keep an attractive, verdant garden without too much effort.

Gardening really isn’t rocket science and with the right gear and a bit of patience and attention, you too can create an oasis of calm and beauty outside your home. Read on and rejuvenate your outdoor area with our help.

1) Treat your plants to a trim
Leave your garden for months at a time and don’t be surprised if it has turned into a world of untamed triffids. The secret to a great looking garden is to trim little and often. This will encourage growth and keep plants in shape and in check.

2) Invest in appropriate equipment
If you don’t have the right equipment for gardening then treat yourself to a few items, such as a Stretch Hose for watering your shrubbery, some secateurs to trim back bushes and a garden fork to help with sowing seeds and keeping your turf in good health.

3) Let water flow
Irrigation is essential in any garden if you want it to be lush and green, rather than dusty and brown. This means creating a simple irrigation system if you have a sizeable garden – especially so if you live in a warm climate. With adequate water your plant life should thrive with relatively little attention paid to it.

4) Whack those weeds
Dealing with weeds as soon as possible is the best way to keep your garden free of these botanical pests. Pulling them by hand is recommended over chemical weed killer and if you keep a regular eye on your lawn, this shouldn’t take up much of your time. If the problem requires more than hand power, there are various weed killers available that could offer a satisfactory solution.

5) Make sure to mow high
Most people wait ages to mow their lawn and then give it a crew cut, chopping low on the grass blades. Rather than doing that just cut the tops off the grass for a denser lawn. And don’t bother with a grass catcher on your mower, just let the trimmings fall onto the grass.

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