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Monday, 20 May 2013

Using Oak to Make Your Home More Traditional

Oak has a rich history that can be dated back centuries – even as far back as ancient times – because of the sturdiness and supreme beauty of it. These trees have been used for a variety of purposes – home building, medicinal remedies, interior design, and more. Oak, particularly rustic oak furniture has a beautiful, vibrant history and adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

When it comes to designing the space that you call home, one of the best parts of using wood design is the individuality it brings to the space. While there may be oak furniture pieces that look alike, no piece is exactly the same. This is because of the unique grains that each section of wood brings to the overall piece. Oak has a distinctive look to it and it can even be described as enchanting or romantic when used in the right way.

Making it traditional

If you have more of an old-style design taste, you’ll probably gravitate to some more traditional oak designs. Consider your space and look at what you have to work with. Some parts of your home or apartment are fixed, but other parts you can design to make it your own. If you’re artistic, think about designing a front door or wall piece made of oak that can be used to enhance your living space. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a carpenter – if you have a general idea of a design and present it to a carpenter as a potential project, you might be able to make your design a reality.

Or if this seems like too much of an undertaking, consider smaller furniture designs that you can incorporate into each room. For example, in the dining room area, find a rustic dining table that can add a touch of history and elegance to your home. Or, in the kitchen, look into adding an oak serving table. For the bedrooms, there are beautiful hand-made oak headboards or bed frames that can be used to add a clean, but historic look.

Combining traditional and modern

You don’t necessarily have to pick one design style or another. Many interior designers have successfully combined traditional and modern looks into something gorgeous and one of a kind. If your home has a more modern flair to it but you still wish to have some traditional accents, it’s easy to use small oak pieces to add more tradition in there. For instance, instead of getting a loveseat in the living room, find a couple of oak chairs or stools. Or, look for a large oak ottoman that you and your guests can use as a footrest or even a table.

Combining lighter color oaks with bright, modern fabrics is also a great way to combine the two types of designs together. There are thousands of fabrics on the market that can be an inspiration to crafting a special room. Or, if you live in a more traditional home with wood as the leading material, you can paint contrasting walls with white (or your favorite bright color) to make it into more of a modern, functional look.

Your home is your world and your escape, so make it into whatever you want. If wood designs are what speak to you, dive in and get designing. Wood designs truly deliver a message of power and beauty to a home. With the right combination of furniture and accents, your home can demonstrate the tradition, finesse, and style that you desire.


  1. Such a nice post, Oak's furniture is so beautyful and traditional type. this give an entique look to our home. the color of oak furniture is too good

  2. Love oak for interior design - thanks for another great post!