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Friday, 24 May 2013

Home Climate Control – The Benefits of the Correct Climate

You probably have an Air Conditioned car, Work in an Air Conditioned office, so why not live in an Air Conditioned Home? Most of us take the facility to warm our homes for granted, but few appreciate the benefits of being able to control the climate of our homes. The benefits of Air Conditioning are to provide a comfortable environment at work or at home throughout the seasons. An auto changeover switch on most new units, allows you to set the temperature of the unit to cool or heat as required automatically.

The air within the room is re-circulated through filters to trap dust and pollens, in turn benefiting people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. Also air purification is another benefit as an anti-fungus filter is used in most modern air conditioning units. This catches allergy-causing mites, smoke particles and odours, making the air in your environment clean and fresh.

In reality, our homes become even warmer during the summer months than the outside air temperature, through solar gains and additional heat-loads from within. Air-conditioning equipment installed can reduce the temperature within the home to a comfortable level, whilst at the same time reducing the humidity to eliminate the humidity associated with our UK summers.

In the past, CFC refrigerants used in air conditioning systems were found to harm the ozone layer. Since then, harmful CFCs have been phased out and are no longer utilised. Today’s systems use a new generation of refrigerants (HFCs) which do not harm the ozone layer. They are highly efficient and non-toxic, and can be used in homes and businesses. The systems installed by iClimate are class leaders in terms of economy.

Air Conditioning for your home is fast becoming a necessity, not the luxury it used to be. Due to this high demand, iClimate Solutions are able to match units to "fit in" with your décor. The units available now are no longer intrusive or unattractive because they are designed to aspire to most people's tastes and living conditions. The sophisticated designs not only improve your living environment, but they also provide you with perfect climate control. Most units designed are common for the bedroom, conservatory or whole living space. These units alone could increase the value of your property and considered a investment for the future.

This main features are as follows:
  • Cooling and Heating ability
  • Air purifying system
  • Quiet operation
  • Wireless controls
  • De-Humidification ability
  • Anti Bacterial Filter
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Auto Restart option
Concealed units, typically installed during renovation works at a property, in ceiling cavities or floor units concealed by bespoke bookcases and enclosures. Conditioned air is discharged via bespoke air grilles a discreet subtle installation.

For further information on any of our product range or services for work or office use, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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