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Monday, 27 May 2013

Modern Staircase Designs

Staircases sometimes go unnoticed. However, some staircases would be difficult to miss because of their ingenuity. Usually, staircases are built architecturally to add to the elegance of the home or building. A staircase's design can be planned to match the interior or exterior of homes or other buildings.

It is not known when the first stairway was created, just as not knowing when homes and buildings were designed with more than one floor. However, it is known that homes and other buildings with more than one floor has existed for many centuries.

Beautiful homes all have particular styling that includes various features. Several homes utilize specific architectural items that make it stand out from the normal straight designs. Many times, these items are designed and installed by Fontanot spiral staircases. Fontanot spiral staircases have a way of accentuating certain aspects of a home that leads to a specialized look and appeal.

There are specific styles and materials such as the techno, pixima steel, magia 10 and steel zinc staircases. Fontanot staircases provide a look of elegance to the existing structure. They are constructed one step at a time to sure-up construction.

Another popular staircase that Fontanot installs is called the winder. Winder staircases usually have a twist at the top, midway or bottom. They are not entirely spiral but are in the family. Winder stairs are constructed one step at a time, as well.

Fontanot are leaders in spiral and winder staircases. They specialize in conceptualizing designs that are contemporary, as well as installations of staircases for interior and exterior uses. These ideas transform the space into a modern project of art.

Fontanot staircases are known for their beauty and durability. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts will have no problem with assembly and installation. Various styles and constructions can be seen at

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  1. Very nice post, during home making, alot of people forget about stairs. infact they make stairs atlast. there are alot of types of atairs, spiralcase stairs are good in lookwise and take less space..