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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Keeping Curtain Poles In Top Condition

Curtain poles, whilst serving a practical purpose, are so much more than simply a piece of wood or metal used to hold up fabric. Whilst this is without doubt its primary purpose, a curtain pole can also be used as an effective element of interior design in a room too. If enough thought and consideration goes into their purchase, they can really help add a new dimension and some character to a room. Obviously, taking the time and effort to invest in quality hardware means that the effort should also be made to make sure they are maintained properly. Here are a few simple tips to making sure your curtain poles stay at the peak of their condition.

Child Play

We all know that the home is one big play area to children, and unfortunately they may choose from time to time to play with curtains. Also, whilst their intentions may be good when they go to open the curtains, unless they are aware of the proper technique required, they may pull them a little too hard or drag them, which will cause wear and tear on the poles and, in extremely circumstances, may cause them to bend and break.


The same applies for yourself, as it’s important to ensure you have the curtain opening technique down to a tee. Try and grab hold of the curtain as close to the top as you can, as holding it as close to the pole as possible will allow the smoothest movement possible. This will ensure that the pole isn’t pulled or dragged in the process.


This is an obvious one, but make sure that the equipment and methods used to fit the curtain poles to the wall are of top quality. It should go without saying, but poorly mounted curtain poles are more likely to rip out of the wall and, therefore, get damaged. It’s 
best if you use a wall stud to help mount the screws, or at least an 
anchor to hold the screws in place.

Exposure to Sunlight

This shouldn’t be a problem if the curtains are hung above the window, however if they are mounted in front of the glass then the sunlight could cause damage to the pole. This is a more aesthetical issue than a physical one, but still worth bearing in mind. Like most materials, the sunlight will cause the wood to lose its colour and, in extreme circumstances, it’s strength to an extent.

Dust and Dirt

Just like any other surface in the home, curtain poles can gather dust and dirt frequently. If this isn’t kept on top of, then it can quickly turn into grime which is a whole new (and much harder to clean) problem. A once-over with a damp cloth on a regular basis should be enough to make sure that they stay clean and presentable.

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  1. Every points which you are sharing they are all valid with that i just added some more flavor...........

    >Mark the placement for the top of the brackets and the position of the bracket holes on the wall or casing in light pencil.

    >Drill pilot holes (shallow holes that will help you start the screws or anchors) into the pencil marks on the wall or casing.

    >Insert screws (usually provided by the manufacturer) or anchors through the bracket and attach them to the wall.

    >Position the curtain rod into the brackets.