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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Picking The Perfect Canopy: Things To Consider

The fitting of a door canopy is a great way to stamp a bit of character and distinction on any home. Not only does it add visual value to a home, but it also serves a purpose too. There are few things worse than getting home on a rainy day and digging around your pockets looking for your keys whilst you get soaked through. A canopy creates a dry area for you to stand in as you await entry into the home.
There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before fitting a canopy on your home. Firstly, budget is of course an extremely important factor to bear in mind. Also, the wide variety of shapes and sizes that canopies can be bought in means that after much deliberation, you should be able to find the perfect canopy to suit any home.

Tudor Canopies
A particularly inviting style, Tudor homes are extremely commonplace in Britain and are very easily recognisable. This is in no small part thanks to their large use of wooden beams and distinctive white plaster. As you would expect, Tudor canopies follow this style almost to a tee and also feature wooden trimmings with lots of white plaster. This is usually displayed on the front of the canopy and can be coloured to match the existing exterior of the home. The canopy is finished off with a triangular roof with a particularly sharp point.

Windsor Canopies
A more minimal style, these fixtures are better suited to houses with a Victorian-style and many smaller detached houses. This wedge-shaped door canopy is particularly streamlined and extremely handy for those people not wanting to take too much focus off their door. The shingled roof extends over the door just enough to provide adequate cover, but not too much that it takes emphasis off the exterior design elements that you have put so much effort into.

Cottage Canopies
These are particularly convenient due to the beams that are built-in to allow for the easiest assembly possible. As the name suggests, these are a perfect fit for cottages as their natural appearance (due to a lack of fill under the roof) complements cottage doors nicely.

Countess Canopies
These are the perfect option for homes with a larger-than-average doorway as they simply have the capacity to cover larger areas than many other canopies. What’s more, with the extended space afforded by countess canopies, homeowners can be more creative and cover not only a door, but nearby windows too. Alternatively, this is a great opportunity to create a nice sheltered patio area outside the home.

Georgian Canopies
With a wide variety of styles and their rounder top, these canopies are a wonderful choice for a classic, Georgian-style country home. These provide the best of both worlds, as they maintain all the characteristics of classic British architecture, whilst providing all the functions of a modern canopy in that they offer protection from adverse weather conditions.
These quick tips should be a good reference point for anyone undecided on the type of canopy to fit on their home. Having said that, there are many more variations of canopies on the market, and there are many factors to consider before jumping into a decision.

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