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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

Home improvement is a great investment of time and money. A home is a sanctuary; the safe place that separates you from the abrasive world outside. Making it as nice as you dream is part of the fun. An enjoyable project provides satisfaction, and improves the home.

Fresh Exterior Paint

Changing the color of the home creates dramatic change without breaking the bank. If the home cries for paint because the last paint job is flaking off little by little, this project is your priority. The things you need are:

•Paint scraper.
•Masking tape.
•Paint brushes and rollers.
•Drop Cloth.
•Paint thinner.
•Paint primer.

Scrape loose paint off the walls. Well-adhered paint will stay in place. Prime the areas that are bare; paint will only stick to paint or primer. Buying a good, 15 or 20-year paint is worth the investment. The quality outweighs the extra cost; you get better coverage, so you buy less paint. Use the drop cloth to protect the area directly below you. A medium quality brush for priming may be acceptable, but you should not use a cheap brush to spread high quality paint. A layered camel hair brush delivers the best result. Soak it in paint thinner before hand washing. Use a roller on the smoother surfaces.

Interior Paint

Mask interior surfaces for protection. Remove smaller furnishings and decorations from the project room. Center large items and cover with a drop cloth; they are out of the way, and protected. Interior paint swatches do not match semi-gloss paint. The shiny finish makes cleaning easier, but the glare ruins the mood that could have been. The solution is flat interior paint.

Patio Deck

If you know your way around a set of power tools, consider adding a backyard deck. The deck is an inexpensive way to add living space to your home. Decide what design fits best with your yard and home, and then go to the lumberyard. There are readymade deck plans available. Lumberyards sell deck “kits.” The package-price includes all the hardware, and lumber needed.

Important Things to Consider

There are many ways to improve your home. If you enjoy improvements, but not actually doing the work, consider hiring someone. Most contractors do free estimates. Only accept estimates in writing. A licensed contractor carries liability insurance; this protects you from damages due to negligence. A licensed contractor includes a city permit in his estimate.

Protecting your sanctuary from intruders gives you peace of mind. Consider a home alarm system as you review the home-improvement budget. Modern designs are convenient. Family members memorize a code; the system secures each entry in this manner. The cost of the alarm system is preferable to the cost of losing valuables or sleep.

Your home is likely your biggest investment. Making improvements keeps it nice, and adds to the pleasure of owning it. Are you going to take on a project? Decide what is right for you, make a plan, and dive in.


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