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Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to Fit Out Your Conservatory with Blinds

A conservatory is one of the greatest pleasures when the nice weather arrives. It is the ideal way to expand your entertaining space within the home, or even create a comfortable home office or play room. Whatever your design for your conservatory, one of the key parts of making it a great place to spend time is fitting it with appropriate window blinds.

Depending on the design of your conservatory, window treatments can be rather tricky to source and install. If your conservatory has a glass roof, your first priority is to be able to provide both privacy and temperature moderation. Without adequate window coverings, not only will it create an additional expense to heat or cool but flooring and furnishings can also be damaged by UV. The sun can fade and cause irreparable damage unless it is appropriately filters.

How Pleated Blinds Work

There are a number of window covering styles that will work in a conservatory, but one of the most efficient options is the pleated blind. Sometimes referred to as a cellular shade or honeycomb style, the pleated blind is constructed with air pockets that are engineered to filter temperature and light. In other words, when a pleated blind is installed it literally captures the heat and UV rays and filters it within the air pockets. The result is a minimal amount of light and heat permeation.

Pleated blinds work in the converse way as well. If your conservatory is winterised, quality pleated blinds can help prevent heat from escaping the room as well. This helps to keep your space comfortable and you save on heating or cooling costs. They are lightweight and easy to install inside the recess window well and most manufacturers provide a good selection of solid colours as well as semi-transparent designer options to create a fashionable look.

You can change the entire feeling of your conservatory and give it an affordable facelift simply by changing your window covering. With a few touches you can make it a beautiful space to enjoy and entertain in for the summer.


  1. I have my snooker table in my conservatory and use black out roller blinds for match nights with my friends. They're amazing and work so well!

  2. Don't forget you can use Magic Mesh for your conservatory doorways for the summer time. Ideal and blend well with blinds.