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Monday, 17 June 2013

10 Things to Consider when adding a Housing Extension

For many it’s the defining moment of owning a house - deciding to extend a property can bring new life into a home, prevent the need to move for extra space and add can also be a great project to put your time into and allows creativity and inventiveness in abundance!

There are however obvious things that need to be considered when developing your property - and while some come to mind immediately, there are many that you may miss and that need to be thought about in a little more depth. Here’s a list of 10 things you may need to consider...

Planning Permission

Following on from this earlier article on conservatory planning permission, it leads me to the first point that needs to be considered - does your extension need planning permission or can it be integrated within existing permitted development rights? There are a number of stipulations, however it’s important to realise the limitations early on in the plan. More info about permitted development rights can be found here

Building Regs

Building Regulation approval is different from planning permission - and it’s an important distinction that must be realised early on in the extension process. You will need approval for a number of common household extensions, including bathroom facilities, loft conversions and the installation of new heating systems.

Minimum Room Size

Thinking of accommodating an entire student property into one extension off the back of your garage? Think again, according to latest planning and permitted development laws. Each type of room needs to be a minimum size to be considered habitable for an extension - for example a double room needs to be 10.2 sq. feet.

Part of the Home?

When you’re planning a development and extension to your property, you’ll obviously want to make sure that it feels integrated and attached to your existing spaces. Think about what you will be using the space for - and ensure that you maximise light and access - consider fitting double doors, for instance.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Adding an extension is a great way of changing the look and feel of your home, but it’s even better if you can add extra light to a space. It’ll make it feel bigger, open it out and change the atmosphere of your entire living area. Light is your friend when you are making changes to your property.

How much will it be used?

Obviously there’s no point spending thousands on an extension if it’s not done with the primary reason of living in it. You’ll want the opportunity to make the space your own - so it’s wise to spend some time finding out and discussing exactly what you need more of in your property and how you can best use the existing space before turning your attentions to filling the new one.

Two Storeys?

There can be a lot of advantages in investing the time and money in building something which has or at least can accommodate two stories. It’ll add value, and a large amount of new possibilities when it comes to bathrooms and bedrooms.

Hire the Right Builders

There are so many people thinking about extensions these days - the amount of builders who have jumped on the bandwagon and claim they can fulfil all your expectations is alarming. Make sure you get recommendations and most importantly hire people you trust and enjoy spending time with - after all, you will be letting them into your home every day for a fair amount of time.

Garden Space

Housing extension need not just be about adding large scale buildings to your property. The importance of great outdoor space isn’t to be underestimated, and can improve the look and feel of your home dramatically. Having a garden is also a great way to add value. A bit of landscaping and extending of your garden can go a long way....

Break Down Barriers...

Removing walls and creating an open living space is a great way to absorb your extension into your existing property. It’s easy to define rooms or living spaces by using furniture to divide areas. This practise is becoming increasingly popular and can improve resale value further down the line, too.

There are of course a number of things to consider when opting to extend your property that aren’t covered by the types of things mentioned here. It’s wise to get experts and professionals on board as often and as early in the process as possible...developers, designers, architects and solicitors can all advise on the best course of action. It should however be an enjoyable process, and one that will increase value and provide happiness and comfort for your family.

This blog post was provided by Kent-based planning lawyers, Kingsley Smith Solicitors - offering a wide range of planning and development advice.


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