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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Making The Most Of Space: The Sanctuary Walk-In Bath

Walk-in baths are difficult to define from a design perspective, yet there use and purpose is clear for all to see. The right walk-in bath can not only make bathing easy and independent, it can maintain a relaxing and joyful experience at the same time.

This is, of course, provided you have the right choice of bath. Case in point is the sanctuary bath. This walk-in bath has similar dimensions to regular baths, but uses creative and intelligent design to maximise on this space.

A case in point would be a low entrance and an inward-opening door, which save on space and still offer a safe way to enter and exit the bath. Whereas an outward facing door can cause further problems with your bathroom space and layout, the inward door shows some smart thinking and careful consideration for the rest of your bathroom.

Space and Size

As already stated, the sanctuary has similar dimensions to a normal bath. Whilst this offers that little extra leg room that you wouldn't find on smaller options, the Sanctuary still offers plenty of depth. Since this is a seated bath, the depth is something that is necessary for any decent walk-in bath. Combined with the easy and adjustable water controls, this allows for a very relaxed bathing experience. There's no fuss; it works just like you would expect a bath would and should.


Given its size, it should be no surprise that the Sanctuary also offers a shower option. This is something you don't always find, but is useful none the less. Some bathrooms simply can't fit both a bath and a shower in the same space. This often leads people to choose over the other whilst the best baths, including the Sanctuary, offer both.

This is perfect for busy houses, where some people appreciate showers and others prefer a soak in the bath. The adjustable height, again, also ensures that the shower can be used as an actual shower, compete with shower curtain, rather than just a quick addition to a typical bath. It may be a walk-in bath, but it considers all the possibilities and uses any home may have for it, which is always useful.

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