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Friday, 1 March 2013

Granite Off Cuts

There are virtually unlimited uses for granite off cuts, especially for individuals who are creative. Off cuts are the pieces of granite, marble, quartz or other similar materials left over after a large job is completed. These smaller pieces can be used in homes, yards or even places of business in many different ways.

Deep Discounts for Some Off Cuts

Companies with off cuts left over after big installment of quartz worktops  or granite kitchen worktops for example often sell them at deeply discounted prices. Some companies will even cut the material down to the required size for customers. Additional fabrication work and edge profiling that is needed may cost extra, but the off cuts can be so inexpensive that it makes the extra work more affordable. Many small jobs in homes, businesses or yards can be done using granite, marble, quartz or stone off cuts.

Creative Uses for Off Cuts

Off cuts are ideal for remodeling items like coffee tables, vanity tops, hearths, window sills, bookends, cutting boards  and speaker stands, just to name a few. Creative uses for granite off cuts are limited only by the designer’s or decorator’s imagination. Very small pieces may be used simply as decorative items. For instance, small decorative tiles can be made from stone off cuts and interspersed among other tiles on a kitchen backsplash to provide a punch of color.

Decorative Uses in the Yard

Granite off cuts can be easily made into stepping stones that lead, for example, from a back porch to a gazebo or swimming pool. The off cuts do not even have to be the same size or color to make a decorative path from one place to another in a back yard. They can also be used as trim around flower beds or islands in the yard. Homeowners who are exceptionally creative may be able to break up different types and colors of stone off cuts and use them to create a piece of art to hang on a deck or front porch.

Mosaic Creations from Off Cuts

Small pieces from various types and colors of granite off cuts can be used to create beautiful mosaics at a very low cost. The mosaic creations are perfect for embellishing fireplaces or walls in kitchens and bathrooms. The small pieces can even be used to make creative paving on driveways or sidewalks. They can decorate picture frames, plant pots or bookshelves. There is no end to what can be done with colorful off cuts when people access their artsy sides.

There are many ideas online and in magazines for using inexpensive off cuts in creative ways to enhance homes, businesses and yards. All it takes is a bit of work and a little imagination.


  1. This is a very handy post with great ideas for cuts offs which most people would discard. Thank you for sharing!

  2. True! it is always handy to save a bit of money and I think that a house isn't a home unless you make it unique and what better way than say a Mosaic Creations from Off Cuts. Thanks for an interesting Post!