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Monday, 18 February 2013

The Best Green Ideas for Each Family Member

When you make the decision to move onto a more environmentally friendly way of living you might wonder what green ideas are right for your family.

By taking some time to think about each one of them you can work out what would suit them perfectly and help the planet at the same time.

Keep the Grandparents Warm

Keeping warm in the winter months is vitally important for the older generation and there are some green ways of doing this. For a start, you could check whether anything they need to use more in the cold months is out of date and needing upgraded. Better heating systems and a new energy efficient boiler are great investments and will help them use their energy more efficiently. You could also have a look at their current level of loft and cavity wall insulation as well as see whether their windows and doors are currently letting too much hot air escape and too much cold air enter. 
These changes needn’t be too expensive as companies like Help-Link can provide help with financing such projects.

Get the Kids out Cycling

The younger members of your family can also contribute to your family’s green approach to life. For example, if you often take them to school or to their out of school activities in the car then perhaps they can cycle there instead now. Of course, if you want to go with them and make sure that they stay safe on the journey then you will need to get a bicycle for yourself as well.  Being more active and avoiding the car as much as possible can become a way of life which you all get to enjoy. This can lead to greener holidays and all sorts of other plans. In fact, getting the kids involved in your more environmentally aware lifestyle is one of the best ways of getting more fresh ideas which you can all carry out.

Even the Babies Can Join In

If you have a little baby then you might think that there is no way of getting them to join in on your family’s green life. This isn’t true at all. One great start is to use washable cloth nappies over disposable ones. During the first few years of their lives babies go through an incredible number of nappies and they are products which take a long time to decompose. In fact, it has been suggested that it can take up to 500 years (that’s right; 5 centuries) for a nappy to decompose. A reasonable figure for the number of nappies a baby uses in their early years is around 6,000, so you have every reason to look at cloth nappies for both environmental and financial reasons. Other ideas to help your baby get a green start in life include avoiding jars of food, breast feeding and sticking to organic clothing.    

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