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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How to Warm up Your Home

The first day of spring is getting closer every day – it's the 20th March for anyone who isn't aware – but for now the weather in the UK is fickle, and largely chilly.

If you don't have the luxury of double-glazing, roof insulation, and central heating in every room, you might be finding the inside of your home isn't really a whole lot warmer than the outside at the moment.

Sure, four walls prevent wind, rain, and snow from getting at you, but having to wear several layers in front of the TV to avoid losing toes to frostbite can stop you from being comfortable during the colder months.

So, what to do? Well, if your heating isn't brilliant, the best way of retaining warmth in your home is to stop the cold from getting in and prevent what little heat you have from getting out. Furthermore, you shouldn't underestimate the power that making a room seem warmer can have.

Your three main weapons against the cold – draft excluders, cosy cushions, and sofa throws.

A jolly sausage dog draft excluder, for example, can stop drafts from sneaking in under your doors, and a union jack cushion could really brighten up the place. Not feeling patriotic? How about a stripe cushion? Pick whatever you like – just make it colourful!

There are a variety of places you could go to locate these items – but to find them all in one place, visit Pure Home Designs. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can even buy a fragrance lamp from this place – they've got it all!

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