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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Using Sliding Wardrobe Doors in a Modern Bedroom

In the modern home more and more people are utilising sliding wardrobe doors rather than the traditional free-standing or walk in wardrobe. When it comes to re-planning the layout and style of your bedroom it’s integral that your room delivers that certain ‘wow’ factor when you walk in. 

As the market for sliding wardrobe doors grows companies such as Forsyth Glazing are now offering extremely competitively priced made to measure sliding doors. With many styles, sizes, finishes and colours you can easily find sliding wardrobe doors tailored to your requirements.

Mirrored sliding doors are a fantastic way to add an illusion that a room is bigger than it really is. Doors that are mirrored from top to bottom can really give add that sense of space to a small room. Mirrored sliding doors are also a lot less intrusive than traditional wardrobe doors that outswing often making a small room feel cramped and in-adequate. Many websites have in built design and build applications where you can plan out exactly how you want your sliding door system to look in your bedroom.

Wooden sliding doors can also be implemented into your bedroom, offering a more subtle touch than mirrored sliding doors they are less of a focal point in a bedroom and offer a traditional feel. There are a range of different ranges of wooden sliding doors available on the market such as; oak, pine and mahogany. The choices are limitless and depend entirely on your existing bedroom’s style and character.

Coloured sliding doors are a fantastic way to add character, style and modernisation to your bedroom. Gloss black sliding wardrobe doors are sleek and sophisticated along with maroon and navy colours. If you are considering coloured sliding doors then dark, modern finishes are the way to go, your bedroom should adopt a calm and relaxing environment so avoid bright and brash colours that spoil the contrast of your room.

Once you have decided on the style of sliding door wardrobes make sure you correctly measure the dimensions so your doors can be made to exact measurements. The look of your bedroom could be compromised if the doors are not a perfect fit in their allocated space. The only dimensions needed should be the width and height of your doors. However don’t be afraid to seek professional advice before committing to an order.


  1. I really agree, fitted wardrobes with sliding, mirrored doors really give the illusion of a bigger room. Really makes the bedroom.

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