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Monday, 28 January 2013

Large Floor Tiles and This Year’s Tiling Trends

Large floor tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for interior designers. The unique and contemporary feel of a large tile surface effect, has propelled them to the forefront of modern interior design, with many choosing to employ them right throughout the home – as Hallway tiles, in kitchens, lounges and bathrooms alike.

But, along with a modern look, large tiles offer a range of other advantages, from practical reductions in workload, to visual interior effects.

Most notably perhaps, using a large tile in smaller spaces can really help a room realise its potential, by giving the impression of a larger floor space and greater room. Less grout lines not only means less post-tiling work, but it also helps achieve a continuous, monolithic look, that adds fluency and character to a lot of designs.

In particular the use of large bathroom tiles is growing in popularity, as many house builders try to make the most of the smaller interior spaces.

Other popular tile styles this season include the wood effect floor tiles, which offer an alternative to the classic vinyl wood flooring, and bring a unique texture and rich design finish to a variety of interior spaces. They are great in bathrooms, and becoming increasingly popular in living spaces.

Ballard Homes, a house building company based in South Wales, with a range of houses for sale in Neath and the surrounding area, said that their designers take great care when picking tiles. “With the right tiles,” they said, “indoor spaces can really change in character and atmosphere. We spend a lot of time making sure we get this right.”

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