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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Most Effective Way to Hang Mirrors

A home is not complete without mirrors as they bring a certain amount of warmth to a home. A mirror can be a decorative item that is hung over a fireplace, or in a hallway close to the door. If a mirror is positioned correctly, it can make a room appear more spacious and brighter as it reflects the natural light. This is especially important in a bedroom or study.

All of the above can only be achieved when the mirror is hung correctly using the right fixtures and fittings. It is tempting to hang a mirror in the same way you would hang a picture frame, but this is not always right.

Small Mirrors
Often a small mirror can be fixed to a wall using small adhesive pads. Often in a small bathroom or even a bedroom the mirror is the size of a tile and the weight of the mirror can be supported using the adhesive pads.  Check that the surface you are attaching the mirror to is clean, free from grime and that the pads will stick to the wall securely. Ensure the mirror is straight before you attempt to fix to the wall, as peeling the adhesive pads from the wall will create a mess and the pads will become less secure on the back of the mirror aswell.  Create a small pencil line that is straight using a spirit level and then line up the mirror to the line. 

Framed Mirrors
A framed mirror can be hung in the same way as a picture frame if the mirror frame is not too heavy. Check the back of the mirror to see if hooks or wire has been provided. A heavy mirror must only be hung with mirror chains and not picture wire or cord. A heavy mirror requires support and sturdy material will do this, rather than wire which can snap under the weight of the mirror as it rests on a hook.

Mirror Screws
Some full length mirrors look great in a hallway or bedroom. The design of a full length lends itself to the mirror being attached directly to the wall and not hung using hooks. These mirrors will have holes in the corners of the mirror. Use mirror screws (often provided with the mirror) and screw these into wallplugs through the fixing holes in the mirror. Make sure that wallplugs are used to ensure the screws can be fixed securely to the wall as they will be supporting the mirror. To hide the screws, you can include a domed cover to hide the screw’s countersunk head.

Perform These Checks Before You Start Drilling

If you need to drill holes into the walls in your home, make sure that you have carried out the relevant checks before you even pick up the drill.

Electrical & Pipes - Check for any hidden electrical cables and pipes with a cable detector. Especially if you are drilling over a fireplace or close to electrical sockets and light switches.

Keep cords out of reach – If you are drilling with small children around make sure to keep cords out of reach to avoid strangulation or children getting tangled in the cords.

If in doubt – Always seek professional advice and do not attempt the task yourself.
Mirrors are hung all over the house, in hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. If you are hanging a mirror in a bedroom, make sure it matches the d├ęcor. For bedroom design ideas and inspiration take a look at Doors Direct, who provide a wide range of sliding wardrobe doors for the bedroom.

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