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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Different Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Whether you are designing and building an entirely new bathroom or just refreshing an old one you have a whole range of different flooring options to consider. The key with bathroom flooring is to create a pleasing look that matches the rest of the room but also to consider the practical aspect of what you choose.


Carpet is the classic choice for most rooms in the house but less so for the bathroom. As much as you can try to keep the floor dry, you will have a hard time. Regular soakings of carpet will undoubtedly lead to problems such as mould and you will find yourself needing to replace it after no time at all. Despite this big problem, many people do still choose to carpet their bathroom. Particularly deep pile carpets do offer an excellent luxury feel on your feet after a bath so long as you’re prepared to replace it fairly often.

Laminate Flooring

Over recent years laminate flooring has seen a big surge in popularity. It provides a good looking, easy to lay flooring option for any room in the house. If you are planning to lay laminate flooring in the bathroom however you should be aware that it can be susceptible to water damage. Warping and rotting can occur with regular exposure to water although this can be minimised by stepping out of the bath or shower onto a bath rug or at the very least a towel. Alternatively there are some waterproof laminate flooring options but they can be more expensive than the standard offerings.


Tiles have quickly become the number one choice for flooring in the bathroom. The main reason for this is practicality. Good quality floor tiles aren’t damaged by water and simply wipe clean. Larger floor tiles are best as they reduce the amount of grout used which is the only part that you will notice damage to. Tiles come in such a wide variety of colours and styles that you’re sure to find something to suit your room and tastes. Laying floor tiles isn’t out of the realms of possibility for the average DIYer but a professional will have it done in no time.


Lino flooring has drastically declined in popularity over the last few years and was more popular for kitchens than bathrooms but it does offer a good cheaper alternative to tiles. It is just as easy if not easier to clean and doesn’t damage easily. The biggest setback and the reason most stay away from lino is simply that it doesn’t offer the same great look as tiles or other alternatives.

If you are thinking of decorating, why not consider tiling as there are many ranges and designs that can be used in a bathroom or kitchen. Browse the different range of tiles available for the home from Online Tile Shop for some creative ideas.

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