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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Maximise Savings for the Winter with Triple Glazing

Most of us are now familiar with upvc double glazing, and a lot of us now have this installed in our homes, not only for increased security purposes but also for increased insulation. As a result of taking measures to stop heat escaping from the house, many of us feel contented with the results; especially in the chilly autumn or during harsh winters. However does this mean that as a result we are still okay with the monthly bills from October to January or February? There is now a more popular solution being taken by those people thriftier with their pennies. Initially installed in Scandinavian countries such as Norway and northern Sweden due to extremely bitter conditions, triple glazing proved to be the most cost effective solution for both businesses and home owners, even out of season. With this cost saving trend moving into southern Sweden and other countries that experience similar autumn and winter climes such as Germany and France; many people in the UK are now starting to think strategically.

With many energy companies raising tariffs, and using penetration pricing tactics due to the economic instability, many of us can ill afford to ignore investing in making long term savings for the sake of short term expenditure to maximise thermal insulation. It is imperative for many of us to take note of the benefits of triple glazing and to take strides to not only to support the wider environment, but also to increase savings and enjoyment in those colder months! Other benefits of triple glazing have already been seen in areas such as Milton Keynes and Bedford, with a company known as ‘All Regions Glazing’ hot on the case of installing this solution for many homes and businesses there, and the surrounding areas. Case studies and testimonials forwarded by the company highlight the other many benefits, such as ease of installation and increased sound proofing. Argon is utilised by many companies including All Regions to maximise heat insulation. This works by pumping gas between two air gaps, making doubly sure to reduce any loss of heat. This eco-friendly solution is now very popular with experienced glaziers and many glazing companies, with many notable window manufacturers such as Pilkington increasing their level of production to meet the demand!

So there you go, with a few months to plan and prepare; what better time other than now is there to stop shelling out for exorbitant monthly gas and oil heating bills?

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