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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Garages in High Risk Areas

In city environments like London and Bristol security is at the top of everyone’s list. This is no different when it comes to garages and storage. Garages in high risk areas are often cheap and affordable - but they hold a high price when it comes to chance. There are a lot of crafty fellows out there who will not hesitate a seconds thought to break in, steal and damage property if they see the opportunity. If you are afraid of this happening and are worried your property is at risk you can ensure this doesn’t happen with the right advice and precautions.
If you keep your garage in a high risk area chances are you can’t change the surrounding environment but you can adapt your garage to withstand attempts of a break in. Follow this advice below for peace of mind:

A stronger door
Roller garage doors should be your door of choice. They are industrial, strong and sturdy – a great defence against thieves. With a roller garage door the lock is much harder to break compared to an up and over canopy style. Made out of strong aluminium strips with a tough finish it can’t be kicked in or unlocked without a key. It would take an awful lot of effort for a chancing thief to break through this barrier.

Put steel bars in the windows
If you have windows in your garage you should either brick them up or put steel bars across them. A thief wouldn’t hesitate to put a brick through it if they believed there was a rich bounty inside for them. Thieves can also be crafty and agile getting through the smallest of spaces. No matter how high up or small your garage windows are make sure you remove the risk of an intruder getting in.

Install an alarm
If your garage is in a secluded you don’t want to run the risk of someone spending a lot of time breaking in. With an alarm in place someone will be sure to hear it and the loud sound itself will alarm your intruder.

Automatic lighting
Make sure the garage is well lit. If you have a security light outside that comes on when it detects movement you’ll eliminate any risk of having a thief sneaking around without anyone seeing them.

Install CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras do not come cheap but there are affordable alternatives out there. You can get fake CCTV cameras with a blinking red LED, your everyday thief isn’t going to risk snooping around to find out if they are real or not. Many thieves are repeat offenders so even if they are not doing much they may not be too please about having their faces on camera even if they come across as an innocent passer-by.

Thieves like dark, secluded places where no one can see what they’re up to. With these precautions you can help protect your garage from unwanted intruders. So long as you ensure you have a strong sturdy garage door and your garage should be safe. Luckily there are some great companies out there, whether you are looking for garage doors London or garage doors Bristol be sure to fit the sturdiest style available.

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