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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Shower Heads – A Brief Q&A

You would be well within your rights to view the title of this piece and give a subtle – or maybe not-so-subtle! – roll of the eyes. You’d think that something as prima facie straightforward as a shower head would not require anything approaching intense thought, but with the range of designs and construction methods now, I’m afraid you must devote some more time to choosing your shower head.

To this end, I’ve broken down some of the most frequent queries I receive from people looking for a new shower head.

What material(s) should my shower head be made of then?

The manufacture of your shower head is of more importance than you might first think. Quality of build equates to longevity, which in turn leads to saving you money as you don’t have to replace or repair your unit. Steel heads are fine and – if on a budget – there is nothing wrong with well-made plastic heads, but the very best, I think, are solid brass shower heads. With the right coating, brass items offer unbeatable resistance to corrosion and the type of strength you will need for day-in, day-out use.

What are my design options?

This is a bit of a ‘length of a piece of string’ question now. Before you were fairly well set with very drab, very functional shower heads, arranged in simple round or square shapes. Nowadays these styles have been completely mixed up, with three-headed head units just one of the modern designs available. Also popular are star-shaped designs, which look good even when switched off.

Anything you can recommend to make my heads stand out?

Following on from simple looks above, there are other things that really move away from orthodox shower design. Perhaps most popular are LED shower heads, which dazzle with their varying hues that colour your bathroom when the thermostatic shower itself is activated. Other attractive modifications come with the actual delivery of the water. Waterfall heads, for instance, do away with the classic individual nozzles, commingling to form a spray, and instead produce one long cascade. This looks extremely impressive once the shower is switched on, as the singular smooth body of water is very pleasing to the eye.

One final piece of advice that I couldn’t leave you without is something that applies to all purchases. Essentially, be sure to research your warranty options. A long warranty indicates quality, as the stockist clearly trusts their products to last. Furthermore, should the worst happen, you know you have a back-up, and that you won’t be shelling out any more money. I have seen guarantees in excess of a staggering ten years on the market, so be sure to do your research.

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