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Monday, 30 September 2013

Why You Should Choose a Thermostatic Shower

The shower is now seen – rightly – as not just a place for convenient hygiene, but of relaxing luxury, too. With the advent of additional jets and enclosed shower cabins, with radios and other flashy features, it is perhaps not surprising this is the case.

The thing is, some people still stick to the traditional mixer taps and valves, which have a number of significant drawbacks. Now, sometimes this decision is forced, as the type of shower you can have in your home often comes down to what type of system you have. For example, certain power showers require minimum pressure levels to ensure optimal performance. This is fair enough.

The nub of the issue however is that thermostatic showers are far easier to use and offer better performance. The main thing – and it might seem petty – is that it will give you an uninterrupted flow of water at a constant temperature. This alleviates that common, early-morning frustration of twiddling endlessly with your taps, alternating between scalding lava and arctic sea temperatures! This also leads to less water wastage, as more of it goes on you and not just gurgles uselessly down the plug hole.

Leading on from this point is the issue of safety. Cold water is not likely to give you anything more than an unpleasant jolt, and perhaps hypothermia if you inexplicably don’t get yourself out of the way within an hour or so! Overly hot water however is a safety issue, and thermostatic showers deal with this. This is because top class thermostatic valves have special features built in. Foremost among these are anti-scalding valves that do not allow water exceeding 38 degrees Celsius from transiting the valve. This gives you peace of mind, as you know your family is protected from extremely hot water.

The good thing about these thermostatic showers is that they provide utility with no detriment to style, longevity and looks. These valves, rails and other accessories come in a variety of designs and finishes, including chrome, which fit seamlessly with traditional or contemporary bathroom suites.

As they are of such a quality, you will find that manufacturers and stockists are prepared to back their thermostatic showers with guarantees of significant length. It’s not unknown for warranties of up to 10 years to be offered, so if you go in for one of these showers be sure to research your options.

In summary, a thermostatic shower mixer will set you back on the initial outlay, but this will be paid back through increased usability, peace of mind through safety and money saved through reducing waste water. It makes sense.

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