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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

It is fair to say that, nowadays, the rudiments of the bathroom suite are pretty firmly set in stone. You have your bath, naturally, as well as the absolute essential that is the toilet. Throw in a shower and a basin, and you’re pretty much there, bar the other smaller complementary pieces such as taps and towel rails.

Another one of these required accessories is the humble mirror. Representing a solid, if usually unspectacular piece of glass, a mirror doesn’t usually inspire too much thinking beyond ‘will it reflect?!’ In recent times though, the mirror has undergone something of a design review, with this overhaul resulting in a number of mirrors that do not just set out to be a design piece in their own right but which feature additional attractive functions, too.

The first of these is the simple addition of lights. It sounds a bit trite, but a little illumination really does make all the difference. This is especially true as many designs now feature backlighting, some with an LED array. This leads to a variety of configurations that let your mirror make a truly eye-catching design statement. These LEDs – or fluorescent tubes, if used - will also serve to put money in your pocket and help the environment, as manufacturers now tend to use low voltage models. Of course, all of this is in addition to the more workaday benefit that a brightened mirror is a lot more useful to you with regards to its original reflective use.

The functionality angle is covered by a single word: ‘sensors’. Many mirror frames now are not just for decoration, with these little electrical pieces fitted unseen inside them. One of the main uses for these sensors is to flick on the lights. This also fits in with the above, as there is no chance you will leave the lights burning as they will be automatically switched off as you leave.

More excitingly, another type of sensor removes the main frustration when trying to use your mirror - namely, that it constantly steams up! Specialist demister pads are now fitted to some mirrors that constantly monitor and regulate the temperature of the glass. This ensures the condensation that comes from the steam does not form on the mirror’s surface, keeping it completely clear. Anyone who has ever tried to shave after a shower will realise this is definitely a bonus! It also precludes the need for daily cleaning, as there are no greasy finger marks left from people wiping and re-wiping the mirror itself.

In short then, as you have sourced contemporary, cutting edge bathroom furniture for your bathroom suite, why would you then team that with a plain, drab mirror? With so many fantastic options available to you, you are sure to be able to find one that suits you.

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