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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Outdoor Showers

With good weather nearly upon us, we’ve already began planning how we’re going to spend our annual 5 minutes of sunshine.

As with your interior design, your exterior may change with the seasons, so much so in fact, you may decide to install an outdoor shower in your summer garden.

Fortunately for us Brits, our summers (brief as they are) are now boiling hot thanks to our ‘good’ friend global warming, so outdoor showers are becoming more and more relevant in the UK.

Of course, installing an outdoor shower purely to cater for the random heat waves we endure a few times a year doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment, but an outdoor shower can also benefit you all year round, providing a place to clean gardening equipment, filthy wellingtons, dogs and naughty children (ok maybe not naughty children).

An outdoor shower simply requires access to an outdoor tap, basic plumbing knowledge and a shower kit, the rest is up to you – you may want to build an enclosure as to not scare the neighbours!

After taking drainage into consideration, a cold shower can be completed at a low price by just purchasing the valves, handsets and rail; a hot shower on the other hand takes a little more work but can still be achieved rather effortlessly by a knowledgeable handyman.

A stand alone shower, separate from your homes plumbing can be a different kettle of fish and our advice would be to consult a plumber before you start tackling that kind of enclosure.

Whether you’re primitively adding a shower head to the end of your hose pipe and hanging it over a tree branch, or building a fully personalised shower enclosure which promises surf chic as well as modern practicality, you can be safe in the knowledge that your efforts will be reimbursed with the amount of use you can squeeze out of an outdoor shower.

So, get the paddling pool out, water guns, BBQ, cover a piece of tarpaulin with fairy liquid and start having some fun! Summer is here...kind of.

There are plenty of shower kits online ideal for installing outdoors; the beauty of it being that an outdoor shower does not necessarily require a ‘outdoor’ kit, simply pick a shower that suits you.

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