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Friday, 15 June 2012

Getting Your Sofa Selection Narrowed Down

By Oliver Bray of Web Marketing London

Oliver Bray’s has been interested in interior design and furnishing since first refurbishing his house a decade ago.  

Evangelising how our environment affects our performance, he now researches and writes about the latest trends in fashion, technology and interior design to help you transform your life.

Getting your sofa selection narrowed down to the one that is right for you and your family can be difficult. It is an expensive and important decision, and there are many factors that need to be considered.


Yes, most sofas are designed to be sat on. However, some can come with several other practical purposes. A fold out futon-bed can come in handy if you frequently have the in-laws dropping by, but a sofa with recliner features can greatly enhance the comfort of sitting down and putting your feet up. Stitched down and fixed cushions might come in handy if you have children, and easily removable and washable fabric covers could make life a lot easier if it needs cleaning often. Think carefully about the little things; they could make a big difference.

There are a number of online stores who stock a range of sofas with different features. Selling sofa beds, recliner sofas and even sound sofas with built in speakers and Bluetooth, they can cater to everyone's personal taste.

Colour and Style

The colour and style of a new sofa is very important. The wrong choice can really clash with the style of a room, but a matching or complementing colour can enhance the look and even the feel of a living space. Think carefully about the different styles available. Sofas come in patterned, vintage and retro designs, as well as colours ranging from traditional and neutral to bold and vivid. Even the shape of the frame and cushions can differ between modern and sleek to vintage designs. Likewise, the material can make a big difference; suede can be a beautiful and elegant fabric, but can clash with the rest of the room. Leather is a popular choice but comes in a limited range of colours. Think carefully about the design of the rest of the room when making a decision.

CSL Sofas has a wide range of different colours to choose from. The decision can be even easier to make by using CSL Sofas free "In Your Room" phone application. Using augmented reality, you can pick out a sofa on the app and see what it would look like in your home. It's as simple as taking a photograph and is a sure way to see if the new furniture suits your style before you buy it.

Size and shape

Will the sofa be the focus of the room or will it be complemented by other armchairs? Is it for a busy family room or a more laid back living room? A sofa with built in reclining features can be ideal for quietly settling down and enjoying the television, but a large L-shaped sofa might be better for a bigger family or a more open room. You should always consider whether you will have other furniture such as footstools or a coffee table around the new sofa.

Kids and Pets

Never underestimate how mucky children can be, or how sharp a cat's claws are. It's ambitious to say "We'll keep the pets and kids off it!" but it doesn't always work out. Both pets and little children can be more destructive than they look so you'll need a couch made out of a hard-wearing material. Compared to upholstered fabric, leather is durable and easy to wipe clean. However, it can still be scratched so caution should be taken with any particularly persistent pooches.

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