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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Climate control and why you need it when renovating

If you are renovating your home then the weather and the moisture levels of the home is something that should be seriously considered, but often overlooked. Moisture levels are a major threat to the home, and to any renovation work that you are doing. These levels are largely dictated by the climate you live in, so before you start you renovation works have a think about the climate you are in and consider hiring heating and drying equipment to make sure you have solved any existing moisture problems. This will help you prevent moisture from damaging your work when re decorating your home.


If you live in a wet climate, with plenty of rain and you do not have good guttering, then damp will show up on your walls in the form of dark patches. If you are planning to renovate an area suffering from damp, then drying out the walls using heating and drying equipment is a good idea, as painting over the area will not solve the problem. Damp is also one of those problems that looks relatively minor from the outside, however it is important to find out how extensive the moisture damage is so you can solve the problem appropriately. For a moisture problem such as damp, the heating and drying equipment that is best suited for the job are a de humidifier and a heat lamp. The dehumidifier is a great option as it will draw out all moisture from the walls and leave you with a dry surface. A heat lamp whilst you are renovating will keep the air dry so that if there is a problem with gutters and windows you will be able to spot them relatively quickly if they reappear. This equipment is available from all good tool hire companies.


Mould growing on walls is another moisture problem that can really damage your renovation works. Mould can be an indicator of damp or it could also mean that you have a leak. For a problem such as this you will need a piece of heating and drying equipment such as a heat lamp or a dehumidifier.

Paint, Plaster or Varnish not drying

If you are undertaking renovation works, and the paint or plaster that you are applying to walls is not drying, then you have a humidity problem on your hands. If you are working in a hot climate, you may be surprised that moisture is an issue for you, however it is a very common problem. If you are renovating in cold wet weather then you need heating and drying equipment such as a dehumidifier or a heat lamp. Pick a ceramic heater over a convector heater, as ceramic heaters are drier. If you are working in a warmer climate, then an air conditioning unit is the piece of heating and drying equipment that you need. When you look through heating and drying equipment you will notice that you have the option of an air conditioner or an air cooler. Pick an air conditioner as this dehumidifies the air whilst keeping it cool, an air cooler will add more moisture to the air.
Whatever your renovation project is make sure that the climate that you are working in is optimal.


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