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Monday, 13 February 2012

Insulation in your Home - The Winter Months

Regardless of your home’s construction, you can add insulation to it. Improving the insulation in your home will make it more resistant to draughts, lower your fuel bills and provide you with a more comfortable home. Here are some of the ways you can easily add insulation to your home.

A quarter of the heat in your home or more is lost through the roof. Adding insulation to the loft will reduce that loss and allow you to enjoy a more energy efficient home. However, the insulation must be added properly. The ventilation in this area must not be disturbed, so take care not to block any of the vents along the outside edge with insulation. Choose between rolls of mineral wool insulation or the convenience of loose-fill insulation.

Cavity Walls
Walls with an open space in them can benefit greatly from the addition of insulation. You can rent special blowers that will allow you to add insulation to this area, making your home warmer. You also might want to consider hiring a professional crew for this project, because it will involve cutting some holes and then patching them. If you are concerned about the cost of this project, look into grants that will cover part of the expense for you.

Skirting Boards and Window Frames
You can remove the skirting boards and window frames in your home to look at the insulation in these areas. These spots can usually benefit from the addition insulation. You can either use strips of fiberglass insulation or spray foam to fill these small but important areas. Narrow gaps can be easily filled sealant available from local DIY stores. Be careful not to block under-floor airbricks if you choose this project.

Solid Walls
Solid concrete walls are notorious for their heat loss. Add insulating boards to them to warm up the space. These special foam boards can also be installed on the home’s exterior if you are considering upgrading your home’s siding. Benefits of adding this insulation to the exterior of your home include improved sound dampening and weatherproofing.

Adding insulation to your home is a smart choice. It will make the home more comfortable while also allowing you to lower your heating and cooling bills. You can handle many of these projects yourself, making them very affordable.


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