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Monday, 9 January 2012

Get Your Home Interior Ready for the Spring

Now that 2012 has arrived and the Christmas season has passed, home owners and interior decorators can change the warm and cosy colours of December for bright and cheerful spring hues. The trending colours for spring this year are taken right from nature's spring colour palette. Especially the violet end of the colour spectrum is popular. Dressing the home for springtime is a pleasure during dark winter days of these first months of the new calendar year.

Home Interior Colours for Spring 2012

Home owners and interior designers can give homes a lift using the trending colours for spring 2012. Some of the top vivid colours are as follows:

Lime - Lime is a living green. Used far and wide in home decor for 2012, lime will not soon go out of style. In recent years, the tint has been painted on entire walls or carried as a trim hue. Mainly for this year, the shade will showcase and offset the violet colours.

Mint - Mint is extremely in for the new year. From the cooler colour palette, mint is used to highlight the brighter violet tints that are the stars of the bright theme.

Pinks - Especially are vivid pinks in vogue. Ranging from dark to light, the shades of pink brighten any room.

Purple - Purple hues are used in abundance as fits the colours of spring crocus and hyacinths. Deep purple to black like some tulip varieties are frequently seen.

Rose - All bright and sweet rosy shades from the violet side of the colour spectrum are ready for spring 2012. The bright rose of pink-red tulips is seen in trim and accessories as well as entire, painted walls.

Tangerine - One of the most loved and used colour for 2012 in fashion and interior design, tangerine is the hue of the year. The colour is the star of the show in many trendy rooms, walls, upholstery and accessories are popping in tangerine for 2012.

Using Patterns, Dots and Stripes

Bright and cheerful colours in pattern variations can work wonders on bedrooms, sitting rooms and more. Patterns are definitely in style from florals to checkers. Most often, stripes and polka dots are high fashion in dress and home interiors. Designers and home decorators can have fun with bright and cheerful shades and colour variations for 2012.

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