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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Achieving the Home You Want on a Budget?

For many people, interior decorating is something that is rarely done. Many people may feel that the inside of their home is not well decorated and to get the look and layout desired would be an excessive expense. This is certainly not the case as there are a number of inexpensive and simple things that can be done to update and improve the interior look of any home.

When it comes to furniture in the home, there is no need to purchase brand new and expensive items to get the desired look. Existing furniture may be able to be repurposed and revitalized. By simply stripping and repainting an item such as a wardrobe, this can be repurposed and utilized in the home in a new and exciting way. Living room furniture also does not need to be replaced. With a well fitting cover, any sofa can regain new life. If different pieces of furniture are desired, there may be great finds available at the local thrift store. Antique furniture or pieces that simply need a little bit of attention and work may be perfect for the home.

Another area where an inexpensive change can be made is the flooring. If a room is carpeted, by pulling up some carpets, the homeowner may find that there is a nice wooden floor underneath. With a simple polish, nice hardwood floors may be achieved. For carpeting that simply needs to be revitalized, having a company professionally clean the house will breathe new life into the carpeting.

Painting is something that can be easily done by the homeowner and does not have to be a major expense. When it comes to painting multiple rooms, it is always wise to use colours that are in the same colour palettes or colour family. Having traditional and tasteful colours will insure that time and money does not need to be spent in the near future when one decides to repaint the walls.

With a few simple touches and some thoughtful planning, interior decorating in the home can be done inexpensively and give the house a fresh and revitalize look.


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  2. A great one can make any nook of your home come alive, and I love how my visitors always stop and look at my vignettes. That's when I know I've done it right =) Love the way you describe it as making waves, so true.

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